Oracle now providing a Direct NFS Client

October 10, 2007 – 4:16 pm

A couple of years back, I sponsored a set of projects to look at how NFS could be used for databases. Some of the previous work that showed how NFS can be used for databases is covered here. One of the more research-oriented projects was one which we implemented an NFS client as a library linked to Oracle (this work was done by Glenn Colaco and Nisha Talagala). This allowed Oracle-specific optimizations for databases outside of the client OS that is resides on, and eliminates much of the OS-specific tuning required for optimal performance.

I’m enthused to see that Oracle have released and are now supporting a direct NFS client plugin.

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  2. Exciting stuff…NAS rocks!

    - Horfy

    By Horfy on Oct 14, 2007

  3. Just curious: isnt it enough the NFS client part from OS ? I havent got the time to read Oracle’s paper about this but I would really like to understant a bit the picture:

    Oracle NFS Client
    OS NFS Client

    So does this mean that when using Oracle’s NFS Client option you dont use anymore at all the OS’s NFS client ?

    I have a feeling Oracle is pushing more and more moving parts from traditional OS business to their DBMS server, see there ASM as an example. the bigger the better might not be a model to follow :)

    Comments !?

    By Stefan Parvu on Oct 16, 2007

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